Spanning across 93 chapters in Arizona, our Advisors take advantage of DECA’s instructional activities to enrich the classroom, tie into career pathways, extend learning, and motivate students.

DECALYMPICS is a leadership retreat specifically designed for Chapter Officers. Officers will go through a variety of team-building activities and leadership workshopsthat help strengthen their understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader.
Registration will open at 2pm on Friday, September 2nd and will close once campground capacity is met.

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September 16-18, 2016



Previously known as the Entre-Tainment Conference, Future Forward is the next evolution. The expansion will be towards all the career fields that DECA aligns with. The 2016 focus on will be on hospitality, entrepreneurship, and sports marketing.

Registration will open at 7am on Wednesday, August 24th and will close on September 16th at 5pm.

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Future Forward

September 30, 2016

Students can join DECA by enrolling in a marketing, business management, hospitality, or entrepreneurship class to be a part of the existing 8,100 members of Arizona DECA.