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Competitive Events 

As an integral part of the classroom curriculum, DECA’s industry-validated competitive events are aligned with the National Curriculum Standards in the career clusters of marketing, business management and administration, finance, and hospitality and tourism.

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Official Competitive Events

Calling all Advisors and Teachers: Discover the Excitement of AZ DECA's Competitive Events for 2023-2024! We're thrilled to present the official list of competitions available for your students in the upcoming year. These diverse events challenge and showcase the skills of aspiring business leaders, offering them an exhilarating journey of growth and excellence. Encourage your students to participate and unleash their potential in these esteemed competitions. Reach out to your chartered association advisor to learn more about each event and find the perfect fit for your students' talents and aspirations. Together, let's make this year's AZ DECA chapter truly unforgettable!

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