​​​Upcoming Events​​

District Competitions

​​>>> Desert District Conference | January 12| EVIT<<<

​​>>> Eastern District Conference | January 13| EVIT<<<

​​>>> Southern District Conference | January 14| PIMA JTED<<<

​​>>> Metro District Conference | January 21| Phoenix Convention Center <<<

​​>>> Central District Conference | January 20| Phoenix Convention Center <<<

​​>>> Western District Conference | January 19| Phoenix Convention Center <<<

​​>>> State Officer Interviews | January 27| Downtown Phoenix<<<

​​>>> Entre-Tainment | February 10 | Glendale <<<

​​>>> State Career Development Conference (CDC) | Feb 29 - Mar 1 | Phoenix <<<

​​>>> AZ DECA NYC Trip | March 12-16 | Manhattan <<<

​​>>> International Career Development Conference (ICDC) | April 22-26 | Nashville <<<

​​>>> Executive Council Meeting | May TBD 2016 | Phoenix <<<

District Events

Only the events below are available at District.

Apparel & Accessories
Marketing Management
Food Marketing
Hotel & Lodging Management
Business Services
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Hospitality
Quick Service Restaurant Management
Retail Marketing
Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Buying & Merchandising Team
Hospitality Services Team
Marketing Communications Team
Sports & Entertainment Team
Travel & Tourism Team

Prepared Sales Events
Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling

Professional Selling

11-Page Written Events

Advertising Campaign
Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
Entrepreneurship Start-Up Business Plan
Sports & Entertainment Promotional Plan
Entrepreneurship Innovations Plan (5 pages)

30-Page Written Events

Business Services Operations Research
Buying  & Merchandising Operations Research
Finance Operations Research

Financial Literacy Promotional Plan
Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research
Sports & Entertainment Operations Research
Community Service Project
Creative Marketing Project
Learn and Earn Project
Public Relations Project
Entrepreneurship Business Growth Plan

Entrepreneurship Independent Business Plan
Entrepreneurship International Business Plan

Entrepreneurship Franchise Business Plan

Entrepreneurship Promotion Project

Individual Role-Play

Principles of Business Management*

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism*
Principles of Marketing*
*First-year freshmen/sophomores only*

Apparel & Accessories Marketing
Automotive Services Marketing
Business Services Marketing
Food Marketing
Hotel & Lodging Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Quick-Serve Restaurant Management
Restaurant & Food Service Management
Retail Merchandising
Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Team Role-Play

Business Law & Ethics
Buying & Merchandising
Hospitality Services
Marketing Communications
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Travel & Tourism

Online Competitions

Stock Market Game
Virtual Business Challenge - Retail, Hotel Management, Sports, Personal Finance, Restaurant

State Events