- Have something to talk about in interviews and put on 
  your resume (Employers care about what you do in 
  College, not High School)
- Win more awards and get on stage at ICDC!
- DECA applies to ALL majors, not just business. Science, 
  engineering, you still need skills you learn through
- Give back to your own high school programs through 
  mentorship opportunities​
​- Networking! Get jobs/internships from our judges!
- Stay in touch with DECA friends ​

About Collegiate DECA

Your DECA Journey is not over yet! As a high school DECA student, you learned the basics of business and you gained experience in competition. But employers don’t look at your high school resume when they are hiring for internships, they want to know what you did in college. When they see DECA and how you continued to hone your skills against collegiate members at competition, that will make your resume stand out! Connect with business partners when it really counts, to land that first internship to launch your career. ​​

Benefits of Collegiate DECA

Andrew Muskatevc

State President

Barbara Gonzalez

Co-Executive Director

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