Our volunteer judges play a key role in giving our students an unforgettable DECA experience.

Be a part of the memories.

Anybody can be a judge! No, you don't need to be a marketing guru or Senior VP at Amazon. Whether you're an accountant, salesperson, manager, sports caster, or you just love to hear a good pitch, you can be a judge at our conferences. Your volunteered time is what gives the students an experience they'll never forget.

Contact your student's DECA advisor or send us an email, we'll be happy to answer!

All you need is a pen and a positive attitude. Students will compete in their events and pitch you their idea to resolve the problem presented. Do not worry if you've never judged at a DECA conference before. We will provide everything you could possibly need on competition day, even unlimited refills on coffee. On the day you choose to volunteer, you will receive instructions on how to be a judge, the do's and don'ts of being a judge, and even a served meal as a token of appreciation. Most of our judges return the following year to do it all over again because they enjoyed the professionalism of the conference and the enthusiasm of the students. Companies have even sent over their employees to volunteer at our conference because they want to find the next best leaders.  

Judge Us!

What does it take to be a judge?

Who can Judge?

State Director: Kathy Frommer | kathy@azdeca.org

AZ DECA Intern: Albert Bui | albert@azdeca.org

AZ DECA Intern: EJ Morales | ej@azdeca.org

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